Gyakie Finally Reveals What She Does Before Releasing A Song

Ghanaian singer and daughter of Legendary singer Acheampong, Jacqueline Acheampong better known as Gyakie, claims that the reception to the release of her EP “My Diary” has exceeded her hopes.

According to the feedback on social media, she is thrilled that her followers are still enjoying the music and have not been let down by the sound that has been released.

When questioned four or five years ago, Gyakie said to DJ Reuben during an interview on Kumasi’s Luv FM’s Drivetime program, “I never expected myself to be this huge.”
“To be really honest, I’ve never had such self-assurance; I had no idea my voice was that distinctive.” “I had to bribe individuals to let me know,” she said.

The feedback she received from her followers helped her understand she needed to have self-confidence, which accelerated the development of her profession.

She occasionally cries, grumbles, is worn out, and even wants the music to stop.


I’ll start by saying that I have a soft side and that there have been moments when everything has been overwhelming for you personally. When you get in front of the camera and introduce yourself to the world, people tend to treat you like a machine rather than as a person with feelings, so they just say things without considering how the other person could react, according to Gyakie.

The singer of “Need Me” revealed that every member of her team is a devout Christian, and she is very appreciative of God for that.


To be completely honest with you, fasting and prayer aren’t something we joke about. “There is obviously a lot of preparation that goes into pushing any song that is coming out, and before we make it available on all streaming platforms for people to consume, we fast and pray for the majority of the songs that come out,” she said.

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