D-Black To Collaborate With Jeriboy

Ghanaian music fans have reason to be excited as rumors are swirling about a potential collaboration between high-life and afrobeats singer-songwriter, Jeriboy, and Ghanaian rapper, singer, and entrepreneur, D-Black. The two artists are said to be joining forces for a remix of Jeriboy’s new single, “Obiaa”.

Jeriboy, born on April 4, 2000, in Takoradi and signed to Young Music, is an emerging artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the Ghanaian music scene. With his unique sound and style, Jeriboy has captured the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

D-Black, also known as the entertainment president, is a Ghanaian music icon who has been credited with helping to bring the hip hop genre to the forefront of the music industry in Ghana. With his smooth flow and unique style, D-Black is considered one of the pioneers of Ghanaian hip hop and is sure to bring a new level of energy to “Obiaa”.

The potential collaboration between Jeriboy and D-Black is generating a lot of buzz in the Ghanaian music scene, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Obiaa”. The track promises to be a high-energy afrobeats track that showcases the talents of both artists and is sure to get listeners on their feet.

While the collaboration is not officially confirmed, the buzz was generateed from a twitter post by the entertainment president where He expressed interest in working with the young emerging artist that got fans buzzing with excitement. If this collaboration comes to fruition, it will be a match made in heaven, and the music world is sure to take notice of Jeriboy, the artist making waves in the Ghanaian music scene.

In conclusion, the potential collaboration between Jeriboy and D-Black has the music industry on edge. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “Obiaa”, and this partnership is sure to elevate the sound of both artists to new heights. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration and be sure to keep an eye on Jeriboy, the emerging artist making his mark on the Ghanaian music scene.


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