I Had My Menses And Couldn’t Fake – Asantewaa Fires Critics Of Her Bloated Stomach

One of Ghana’s most well-known Tiktokers, Asantewaa appeared on United Showbiz on UTV with a few of her coworkers to talk about their roles as influencers on the site.

Following her appearance on the show, numerous images and videos of the Tik Tok actress with a protruding stomach appeared online.

Asantewaa received a lot of flak over the photos of her swollen stomach. Many individuals were upset and said that what she advertised was not genuine because she frequently advertises slimming teas and other things for flat bellies.

Asantewaa Fires Critics Of Her Bloated Stomach

Asantewaa has responded to the critiques, claiming that there was a reason why she appeared swollen on the show, in her most recent video, which was spotted on Instagram.

She claimed that she was in her menstrual cycle, which caused her stomach to swell (period). She continued by saying that she is a typical woman, much like all other women, whose body experiences changes during her period.

Before leaving for the program, Asantewaa said she looked in the mirror and noticed her stomach was bloated, but she chose not to do anything about it because she didn’t want to be dishonest with her followers.

For her, promoting a brand of slimming tea in no way restricts her from living her life or from having a bloated stomach if she so chooses.

Watch The Video Below:

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