Shatana Slams McBrown, Gifty Adorye And Others For Undergoing Liposuction

Ghanaian songstress and activist, Ranaya Pappoe, popularly known in the showbiz circles as Shatana has fired figurative missiles at some celebrities who have undergone various body enhancement procedures of which liposuction is keen.

In an interview on TV Africa, Shatana protested that the decision of the celebrities who have undergone liposuction is untenable and must be condemned by right thinking members of the society.

Shatana who has received wide commendations for positive and natural body advocates singled out Nana McBrown and Gifty Adorye for criticism.

She held that the conduct of these entertainment personalities is an affront to the ethics and norms of the Ghanaian culture and must be condemned.

She raised concerns about the risky nature of the liposuction process and insisted that McBrown and her ilks are not serving as good examples for the youth.

She urged the Ghanaian youth not to follow their path and rather use natural means to improve their body shape.

“Moesha started the liposuction business and the likes of Gifty Adorye and Nana McBrown joined. It’s like a long roll call and they don’t want us to talk about it because they are celebs. Why don’t they want us to talk about it.”

“I respect the elderly but the liposuction is bad and their actions are instigating the young ones to follow that path. People died in Nigeria. In Ghana, we know the story of the woman who died at Obengfo so what are they teaching the youth”, she retorted.

“What moral lessons are they teaching the youth. Per the definition of celebrities, none of them fits that description, by living that fake kind of life. Smoking and drinking and influencing the youth badly. It is evil,” she said.

Shatana has been commended widely for her conscious type of music which centres on peace, unity and women empowerment.

Shatana was recently confered by popular presenter, Stephen Gidimajor affectionately called Air Commander, as the Queen of Conscious music in Ghana.

Air Commander speaking on his drive-time show aired on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s Twin City Radio in Takoradi, mentioned Shatana’s style of music as unique and carried wisdom blended with authentic melodies, therefore she deserved to be crowned the queen of conscious music in Ghana.

Shatana’s music transcends from being merely entertaining to becoming a vehicle for many Ghanaian societies to confront the harsh realities of life and overcome different challenges faced in the country.

Throughout Shatana’s career, her positive and uplifting attitude toward life is reflected in her music and message.

In addition to Shatana’s involvement in music, she has also used her platform as a powerful voice to empower women and create the much needed change.

As a result of her work, Shatana is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana and an icon of conscious music. Her music is a beacon of light, illuminating mindsets and inspiring the youth to take action and overcome the challenges they are facing.



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