Rapper Wiz Khalifa apologizes after altercation with club DJs

American rapper Wiz Khalifa has swallowed his pride as he has apologized to club DJs over his altercation with them.

Recall how Wiz Khalifa allegedly raged at two DJs at a recent concert for allegedly messing up the music on his set a few days earlier.

The new Multiverse LP by Wiz was released on Friday (July 29) at Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles. However, footage from the party emerged showing Wiz Khalifa becoming angry with two DJs.

“Btich-ass nigga, if you want to fight we can do it,” Wiz can be heard telling the man standing behind the laptop onstage while surrounded by concertgoers.

“Y’all niggas suck. Don’t hug me, bitch,” Wiz reacts after the record spinner tries to quell the situation by hugging the rapper. “Play my new shit, nigga. Play it. Play ‘Bad Ass Bitches.’”

“Y’all are horrible DJs,” Wiz continues. “I came here tonight, to hope for y’all to have a good-ass time, a great-ass time. But you know what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna let these ho-ass niggas think this shit is acceptable. I’m a real-ass nigga, dawg. My album just came out today. Play my new shit, dawg.”

Wiz ends up pushing the guy and appearing to finish without him. According to some sources, the subjects of Wiz’s ire were DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron. It is unclear what set Wiz off.

Fast forward,he has apologized to the club DJs.

Watch the video below,

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