One Cannot Do Gospel Music Without Having Accepted Christ – Mrs Susie Arthur

Gospel musician, Mrs Susie Arthur, says it’s wrong for gospel musicians to do gospel music without accepting Jesus Christ.

According to her, doing gospel music without God’s spiritual direction will go nowhere.

Speaking with on Wednesday, Mrs Susie said, some Ghanaian gospel musicians have lost their focus.

“Gospel music is about Jesus Christ and you can’t sing without knowing Christ. When you know him, He Christ gives you giftings with which you start to operate. He reveals Himself and you use your experience to convert the experience into singing but we are doing it like some [mere] entertainment,” she noted.

She also urged gospel musicians to become part of Christian churches because doing gospel songs aren’t all about social media.

“Some gospel musicians don’t belong to a particular church and most of them aren’t born-again. They are freelance and they feel free to do what they want. In gospel music you don’t act, it should be your character, your very life you leave, So you sing with Rhema. Now they sing the gospel in a different way and they have different characters. They’ve left the spirituality and looking for trends and fighting here and there…,”

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