My Dream Was To Rent A Self-contained Apartment, Own A Tricycle For Carrying Passengers – Brain Jotter

Nigerian skit maker, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, a.k.a Brain Jotter has recounted his rise to stardom from a laundryman earning N15,000 in 2020.


He said his dream was to be able to rent a self-contained apartment, then own a tricycle to carry passengers.


In an interview with HipTv recently, Emmanuel revealed he had to sell insecticide and doughnuts to support his schooling at the University of Lagos.


“In 2020, my salary was 15k. By 2021, it had doubled to 30k,” he told HipTv.

“I was working in a laundry after just gaining admission. Alongside the laundry job, I explored various other ventures.


“In my first year, I sold doughnuts in class,” the Imo State-born said. “In the second year, I sold bedbug killer at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), and in my third year, I drove to school,” he stated


However, in 2020, Brain Jotter went viral with his comedy skits and he has been on the rise ever since.


While his videos have made him a household name, Brain Jotter is not resting on his laurels.


“Ever since my video went viral, I can’t go five days without working. I’ve been restless from that day until now,” he said.

“This restlessness and the experience of earning little money have taught me how to appreciate the value of my purchases,” Brain Jotter maintained.


With these lessons from a humble beginning, Chukwuebuka has a piece of advice for fans and people generally.


“We need to be careful about the dreams we ask God for because back then, my dream was to rent a self-contained apartment and own a tricycle for carrying passengers,” he said.

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