Meet Damien Agyemang Jackie Appiah Son

Meet Jackie Appiah's 15-year-old son Damien Agyemang

Damien Agyemang, is the only son and child of award-winning Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah.

Damien was born on 13 October 2005. Like her mother, the youngster is a Canadian-born Ghanaian. He is the son of Peter Agyemang, a wealthy business mogul and a former husband of Jackie Appiah.

Damien’s birth was surrounded by numerous controversies. Key among such controversies was the claim that he was the son of former soccer player and now president of Liberia, George Weah.

This was so because before and at the time of his birth, the seasoned actress and the Liberia president had a great relationship. In fact, the duo are still good friends.

Their closeness and friendship made fans assume they were in a love relationship. Both parties have made it clear that they are just friends.

Reacting to rumours that her son, Damien, is George Weah’s, Jackie Appiah in an Instagram post described the claims as laughable.

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According to her, Damien is the son of her ex-husband, Peter Agyemang. In four months, Damien Agyemang would be 17 years old.

Check out these photos of him that show his transformation from childhood to young adulthood.


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