Listen: Nii Odai Nmai Feat Nii Adotey Tetor – Eni Wo Sh3 N33

Nii Odai Nami, Ghanaian highlife singer, has a new song out.

The song, titled “Eni Wo Sh3 N33,” which translates to “How Far We’ve Come,” speaks about the difficulties that the world faces today and in people’s lives. It then requests God’s intervention to restore healing and peace to humanity.

The song continues to discuss how greedy leaders in high positions have become, thinking of themselves rather than the citizens. He then prays to God for assistance.

Nii Odai Nmai’s songs are about Peace, Love, Togetherness, and Wisdom. He also has hit songs in his name, including Happy Yourself, Last Stop, For Better or Worse, Suomo Onyemi, Mene Wua, and others.

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