Let’s Support Our Musicians – Rison Jeneral

Afrobeat musician Rison Jeneral has stressed the need for Ghanaians to cherish and support their own musicians in the face of stiff competition on the local and global music markets.

The musician said this in a chart with Alltunezgh.com

As a man who believes that Ghana has an abundance of talents that can be nurtured to compete on the world stage, Rison Jeneral asked Ghanaians to be generous in their support of the country’s upcoming musicians who have what it takes to compete with those on the international music scene.

He charged the stakeholders in the music industry to be aggressive in pushing Ghanaian music to the global market for the world to know that Ghana has something unique when it comes to music.

“It is all about confidence. A number of foreigners are travelling into our country and promoting their music and brands, what stops us from going out there to promote ours. We need to support our musicians,” he asked.

According Rison Jeneral, Ghanaian musicians are talented enough to have their works featured on big stages on the world music scene, adding, “It is about time we push our own music and stop the idea of promoting foreign songs.

“It is about time we push our own music if we want to be recognised globally on the world music scene. We need to play more of our music instead of the foreign ones,” he said.

“When we push our music the underground musicians will get the chance to be discovered,”

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