Kwame MulZz Features Legendary Ghanaian Highlife Artist Pat Thomas And Edward Buadee On New Song

Belgian-based Ghanaian artist Kwame MulZz recently released his new album, Europa 2 Kumasi, which has been making waves in the music market. Among the standout tracks is “Livable,” a song that features two legendary figures in Ghanaian highlife music: Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee. These two artists are among the most prominent musicians in the history of Ghanaian music, and their collaboration on this track is a significant event for fans of the genre.

Kwame MulZz, known for his unique blend of traditional Ghanaian sounds with contemporary influences, has been steadily gaining popularity both in Ghana and internationally. His latest album, Europa 2 Kumasi, reflects his journey from Ghana to Belgium and showcases his ability to merge diverse musical styles. The album’s success is a testament to his growing influence in the music industry.

Released just a few days ago, Europa 2 Kumasi has quickly climbed the charts, demonstrating Kwame MulZz’s ability to captivate audiences. The album is a mix of different genres, but it stays true to his roots in highlife music. Each track tells a story, blending the vibrant sounds of Ghana with the modern beats of Europe, creating a unique and engaging listening experience.

One of the most talked-about songs on the album is “Livable,” which features highlife legends Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee. This track stands out not only for its catchy melody and compelling lyrics but also for the historical significance of the collaboration.

Pat Thomas, often referred to as the “Golden Voice of Africa,” has been a pivotal figure in the highlife music scene for decades. With a career spanning over fifty years, Thomas has released numerous hits and has been influential in popularizing highlife music worldwide. His smooth vocals and timeless style have made him a beloved figure in Ghanaian music.

Edward Buadee, another icon in Ghanaian music, is known for his exceptional skills in rhythm and percussion. His contributions to highlife music have been immense, and he has collaborated with many of the greats in the industry. Buadee’s rhythmic expertise and dynamic performances have cemented his place in the history of Ghanaian music.

The collaboration on “Livable” brings together the past and present of Ghanaian music. Kwame MulZz’s modern approach to highlife, combined with the legendary talents of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee, creates a song that is both nostalgic and fresh. The track pays homage to the rich history of highlife music while also pushing its boundaries, introducing it to new audiences around the world.

Since its release, “Livable” has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. The song’s success is a clear indication of the enduring popularity of highlife music and its ability to evolve and remain relevant. The collaboration has also sparked renewed interest in the works of Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee, allowing a new generation of listeners to discover their music.

Kwame MulZz’s Europa 2 Kumasi is more than just an album; it’s a celebration of Ghanaian music and culture. The inclusion of “Livable” with highlife legends Pat Thomas and Edward Buadee underscores the importance of preserving and honoring musical traditions while also embracing innovation. This collaboration is a milestone in Kwame MulZz’s career and a testament to the timeless appeal of highlife music.

As Europa 2 Kumasi continues to gain traction, it’s clear that Kwame MulZz is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His ability to bridge the gap between different musical eras and styles ensures that his work will be appreciated by both old fans and new listeners for years to come.


Written By Promoter Koolic

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