JUST IN: Richmond Gyamfi Wanted By The Islamic Community In Takoradi

The Takoradi Islamic Community has issued a warrant for Richmond Gyamfi, a young Ghanaian guy, for engaging in LGBT+ activity.


Richmond Gyamfi, was found in Takoradi having s#x with his fellow man James a Black American man in his room, which is against our religion, according to the source.


Richmond Gyamfi was referred to the Islamic Community in Takoradi was then when our guys caught him in the act.

Richmond Gyamfi was reported to the authorities to receive his penalty for having  s*x with his fellow man which is and abomination because it is against the Islamic religion.


While receiving his punishment, he was able to escape. The Islamic community is looking for Richmond Gyamfi.


If you’ve set your eyes on Richmond Gyamfi or know his where about should kindly report him to the Islamic Community in Takoradi.


This incident happed on April 14, 2022

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