Ishtari Ghana: Ghana’s Premier Online Shopping Destination

Ishtari Ghana, Ghana’s premier e-commerce platform, has officially announced its brand to Ghanaians.

Ishtari is a Lebanese online retailer based in Tripoli that was founded in 2011. It is widely regarded as one of the best websites in its field. They provide high-quality home appliances, electronics, gadgets, toys, skin care, fashion, and other items. Their operations are carried out in Tripoli, Lebanon, and, more recently, Accra, Ghana.

The primary goal is to meet the needs of customers at reasonable prices.

With a combined 10 years of experience, their talented and dynamic team is eager to forge an exceptional and strong relationship with our customers.

The latter can shop on their website or app using flexible payment methods such as cash on delivery and credit/debit card.

In Ghana, the same payment methods (cash on delivery, credit/debit card) are used, with one additional option, Momo mobile money, which is ubiquitously used.

Vision Statement.

Their goal is to become a global company that expands globally.

They are certain that long-term strategies are required to successfully remain on the market and grow the business. As a result, they aim to constantly seek out potential and trustworthy partners in order to expand their thriving industry in Lebanon and other countries.

They tend to improve their customers’ journeys by offering an excellent shopping experience that includes a user-friendly website, excellent customer service, secure payment, and fast delivery.


Mission Statement.


Their goal is to add value by exposing their products and services to more customers, as well as to respond quickly to their rigid demand.

They are adamant that customers should be able to enjoy products at the lowest possible cost. They also believe that change is necessary for adaptation because e-commerce is rapidly evolving.

As a result, in order to remain agile and meet market demand, they implement new technologies such as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as new attitudes and perceptions.

They effortlessly seek the satisfaction of their stakeholders in their business operations by utilizing advanced technology and innovation.


Their primary goal has been to start a family since the beginning. An environment in which trust, happiness, morality, enthusiasm, and respect are valued.

They believe that a welcoming, comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable environment is essential for business growth. As a result, they consider their employees to be their most valuable assets, and they prioritize their engagement by fostering an employee-centric work culture. In fact, they believe that giving workers feedback, providing training programs, and focusing on the experience they will receive while working with them will increase productivity.

Their talent is not limited to creating a family with an exceptional ambiance.

They are also, as stated in its mission statement, an agile and adaptable company.

They are not afraid to abandon traditional business beliefs in order to implement new strategies, new mindsets, and accept criticism in order to improve performance. They are open to new ideas, encourage innovation, prioritize people, and are focused on creating value.


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Social Handles:

Facebook : Ishtari Ghana

Twitter: @Ishtari_Ghana

Instagram: @Ishtari.Ghana

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