I’m An Ambitious Woman – Nollywood Actress Tina Destiny J Jorm

Tina Destiny J Jorm, international Nollywood actress, has revealed that she is very ambitious.

In an exclusive interview, she revealed that she is a very focused person who is unimpressed by many things. She went on to say that she is very ambitious and that she achieves anything she sets her mind to.


When asked about her inspiration, she revealed that she is her own muse, as she watches a lot of movies, reads a lot of books, and listens to podcasts to keep herself moving and authentic.



Tina Destiny J Jorm began her career as a musician and model before becoming an actress and entrepreneur. She was introduced to a movie through the well-connected industry players she had through her masterpiece works, and her acting journey began from there. Tina Destiny J Jorm is a focused, hardworking, and ambitious woman who always sets specific goals and works hard to achieve them.


Connect with Tina Destiny J Jorm on these social media handles below.

Twitter: @J_jorm

Instagram: @Itz_Jjorm.

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