How to get free backlinks to your site 2022

Many people have over the years looked for how to get free backlinks to their site to support their google ranking yet they are not getting. It is very obvious that backlinks play essential roles in Google ranking as it lets google knows how relevant your site is, and for that matter people are linking back to it, therefore, it is very important to get backlinks for your site.

Imagine coming out with a high quality article that you must rank very well for it but it is not happening; it kills the ergo but doesn’t burry it. You can make use of backlinks to solve your problem.

Backlinks are links that serve as connection from one site to the other. In other words, backlinks are links coming from one site to a specific page on other site. In other terms, we can say backlinks are [incoming links, inbound links or one way links]

In layman’s understanding, backlink means to give a reference to other post/page on a different website from one site

Example: When a site A is doing a blogpost on food and give reference to food article on site B, backlink is created!!!

Types of Backlinks

There are two main types of Backlinks: Dofollow and NoFollow Backlinks

DoFollow Backlinks

These are the type of backlink that best tell google how organic the link is. And it is the most valuable type of backlink in SEO. When you place a dofollow link in your article, you are rather telling Google and other search engines that the link is important and they should consider/prioritize it

NoFollow Backlinks

These are the vice versa of the DoFollow backlink. These type of backlinks are less valuable and not organic. When you put a NoFollow backlink on your site, you are telling search engines to ignore that link because it is less important.

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In simple understanding, DoFollow backlinks are good for SEO and the Nofollow ones are bad for SEO.

Other types of Backlinks

  1. Comment Backlinks
  2. Free Tool Backlinks
  3. Badge Backlinks
  4. Guest Posting Backlinks
  5. Reference

Having understood what backlinks are, let’s move on to the need for backlinks

Importance of Backlinks

Creating a high quality article is the first step to take on the grounds of ranking, but if the target keyword happens to be the ones with high KDs and your DA is low, other ranking factors are now an option to go with. As said in the introduction, backlinks play essential role in Google ranking, therefore, it is very important to have. Google look up to so many factors for ranking and one of the factors is “Backlinks”

Creating more effective backlinks for a blogpost or article creates a room for it on Google search result. Thus, Google places a value on site that is having more backlinks and ranks it well. This is because, the backlinks send signals to google, telling them about the relevant nature of your site and then find a better place for it to stand on search results.

Now, let’s move onto the main idea of this content which is how to get free backlinks

These are the ways and means or how to get free backlinks to your site:

1. Important Blog posting

To get free backlinks to your site, there some few questions you should ask yourself. Ask yourself “what should I do for people to link back to my site freely”? After asking that question, you then think about doing important blog posting.

The easiest way to get free backlinks from site that once linked back to you is by studying the content they gave you the reference on and do more similar ones.

This is simple understanding! It means that they loved that particular article on your site and they may want their visitors also to visit it and read more; so if you do more similar ones, the rate which you will have them giving you backlinks is high.

2. Using Backlink builder tools

Another way of getting free backlinks to your site is using backlink builders to index your sites for free backlinks. Backlink builders such as Simple Backlink, Connection Builder, Backlinko, H-Supertools Backlink Builder and others can help you to generate organic backlinks for your site

These tools offer both free and premium services and their services are 100% trusted and guaranteed

3. Backlink Exchange

It is said that “if you want to go far, you go with crowd” this means that you alone is not enough to do things yourself. So to get free backlinks, you can for a team with other website owners and the collaboration will aim at giving a Dofollow backlink to each member’s page or site.

Example: If you form a backlink exchange team with let’s say 200 people and each gives the other 5 backlinks daily, it means you will receive 1000 backlinks daily which is very great!!!

4. Request for backlink

One of the ways or how to get free backlinks to your is by making a request. You can request for backlink from a friend or relative. Or, you can request for backlink through guest posting

Frequently Asked Questions on Backlink

Below are some of the frequently asked question on backlinks and their respective answers:

Does backlink help in Ranking?

Yes. Backlink is one of the factors ranking on Google. There more backlinks you have, the more Google adds value to your site and ranks you well.

Does backlink guarantee #1 position on Google?

Somehow, yes. The more backlinks will get on a post can push you to the top. Imagine you did an article you ranked 2nd and you later created more effective backlinks for the post, it is obvious that your outrank the #1 positioner and take the place

Can I buy backlink?

Yes. There are so many platforms that do SEO marketing. These platforms aim at supporting websites to rank very well on google by selling to them high quality backlink. You can visit on Google and search for “buy backlink” and choose from the options to buy high quality backlinks


The above read content is how to get free backlinks to your site and google ranking. Although other factors are consider for google ranking, backlink plays essential role and should be taken care of.

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