How to get AdSense approval easily and fast 2022

In this article, we will lay down some strategic principles on how to get AdSense approval easily and as fast as you can imagine. We’ve made it very readable for your better understanding You might be wondering why AdSense keeps rejecting your application for AdSense approval; this is not because the company hates you and don’t want you to monetize your blog/site as others are already enjoying, but it means you are missing or lacking something. Are you still wondering what you are missing or lacking and that is why AdSense is not giving you the approval? Okay. At end of this content, you will know what exactly you are missing and that’s why AdSense keeps you rejecting your application for AdSense Approval. Stay tuned.

What is AdSense?

It is a lucrative program run by Google by which Admins websites owners and content creators in the Google Network of content sites serve Advertisements in text, video, image or interactive media format on their sites and that are targeted to the sites’ posts and audience. These advertisements are out-rightly managed by Google In simply put, AdSense is a free and simple program that allows site publishers to earn money by showing ads in their contents online and that is run and managed by Google. It sounds great right? Yeah, that’s it! But it doesn’t come by itself; you have to apply for it. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it. You will know everything in this article. Also, if you’ve applied and they have rejected your application, we will teach you how to get AdSense approval easily, all in this article. Let’s read!!!

How does AdSense work?

AdSense operates by showing a befitting ads on your site based on the contents and the visitors. The ads that are shown on the site by Google are created and paid for by the Advertisers who are willing to show their products and services to your visitors on your site

Terminologies of AdSense

As a publisher/admin of a website, you must know and understand these terminologies of AdSense, and they are CPC, CTR and RPM

CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is an abbreviated word which stands for Cost Per Click. This explains the amount of money an advertiser company is willing to pay to publishers and content creators per one click on their ads. Thus, the cost of monetary value paid to publishers on 1 click by advertisers

CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR means Click Through Rate. And it explains how your visitors are interacting with your ads showing on your site. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by the total number of page views, multiplying hundred (Click/Views x 100 = CTR)

RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions)

RPM means Revenue Per 1000 Impressions, and this is explains the amount of revenue that an advertiser is willing to pay to publishers for thousand impressions. This is calculated by dividing total earnings received by the number of page views received, multiplying thousand. For example, ($10/500) x 1000 =$20 Having understood the terminologies of AdSense, let’s move straight to how to get AdSense approval easily, which is the key idea of this article

How to get AdSense Approval easily

It is very simple to apply for AdSense but the rate at which you will get your application accepted tends to be the problem. We are covering some key things that you need to know and apply to your site before applying for AdSense. These are the things that AdSense expect from publishers who are willing to serve ads on their sites. These are: unique contents, violation-free contents, traffic, important pages.

Unique Contents

This is one of the assets that can aid you in getting AdSense Approval easily and faster by Google. Unique content is the type of content that has never being published on the internet by anyone; meaning, such content is completely different from any other contents found on the web. AdSense feels good to always show ads on sites that have unique contents and for that matter they are willing to approve sites with unique contents to serve ads in their contents. This is because, Google may also want to protect the Copyright policy of publishers, and don’t want anybody to enjoy from their sweat. So to get your site AdSense approval faster, you must learn to feed it with unique contents. Also, there are some cases that AdSense allow publishers to serve ads in their copied content – but this can only be accepted when you give reference to the source of the content you copied.

Violation-free Contents

This kind of contents is free from any violations; meaning they don’t violates any of the AdSense violation policies such as adult contents, shocking contents, fearful contents, hacking contents, fraud contents, etc. writing these contents on your site hinders your chances of getting AdSense approval easily. This is because Google may want to protect the visitors who come on your site to read stories in other for the ads to be shown to them for interactions. It is obviuos that your application will be rejected if you do such contents on your site. So, what can you do if you are already having such contents? If you are already having such contents on your sites and Google is not accepting your application for AdSense approval, there’s no option than to draft all of such post and remove their conical URLs from google by visiting your Search Console dashboard.

High-quality Content

Google easily ranks high-quality contents on search results so as they also willing to show ads on such contents. High-quality contents are those that answer many questions relating to the keyword of the contents in one article. Such contents are highly patronize by readers as it cover almost everything that they are looking for searching for that topic/keyword. Therefore, having enough of high-quality contents on your site may create your chances of getting AdSense approval easily


Traffic is one of the factors to consider when applying for AdSense. Imagine you are a shop owner and somebody comes to you with the assurance that he can promote your promote on social media handles for you to get more customers, but the person in question is having only Instagram Account with as low as 20 followers; would you pay your money to such person to run ads on social media for you? The answer is straight ‘No’ This is means Google may want to show ads on websites that get real human visits everyday. Remember that they are not showing the ads for fun, but it is an agreement between Google and the advertising companies to promote their products and services on people’s website to get them more leads, customers and sales. Therefore, having high traffic on your site may assist you in your AdSense approval request acceptance if you are having other factors on board.

Important Pages

Pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, About Us, Contact Us, Copyright, etc are termed as important pages. These pages help Google to better understand the idea of the site, the things you do on your site, how data is collected on your site and how they are distributed, how people can communicate to you and others. Having these pages expand your chances of getting AdSense approval easily. Note: You can be having all of the above mentioned assets fully set on your site but without these important pages, AdSense Approval may be difficult.

More Questions on AdSense Approval and Answers

Does AdSense approve adult site?

No. Google AdSense don’t want to show ads on site that are meant for adults, there, such sites are already counted out by Google for showing AdSense Ads. And this why publishers easily get policy violation warnings anytime they publish anything relating to adults contents on their site. Google will automatically limit the amount of ads serve on adults contents.  


To get your site approved by Google AdSense to show ads, you must have adequate traffic, enough unique contents or giving reference on copied contents, high-quality contents, and the important pages on your site. By doing all these, you can apply for AdSense and get it in some few hours. Chill, you now know how to get AdSense approval easily and faster.

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