Gym Instructor Was Caught Chopping Married Woman In The Gym

The issue of some gym instructors taking advantage of ladies who come to the gym to exercise seems to be on the rise in recent times.

A lady has shared a story of walking on her friend’s wife having sex with her gym instructor at the gym.


According to the lady, she has been friends with the lady’s husband since childhood and they still live in the same neighbourhood due to that they are besties.

One day she made the decision to register at a gym because she noticed she was gaining weight and she wanted to lose some fat.

She decided to go to the nearest gym closer to her house on the weekend to make enquires on how to register since she always returned from work late and the gym would have closed by then,


On her way back from work on that day, she saw that the gym was open with the lights turned on so she went there to do her enquiries. Upon reaching the entrance she knocked on the door but no one responded so she proceeded and went to the reception and called out many times but no one responded.

The lady continued that she decided to enter the main gyming area which was a big hall thinking she might see someone there who couldn’t hear her when she knocked and called out at first.

Upon entering the hall, she heard loud moaning and lo and behold, it was the gym instructor knacking his friend’s wife who was also enjoying judging from her moaning.

She went on to say her friend’s wife saw her standing there and pushed the gym instructor aside rushed to her and begged her not to report the matter to her husband because what happened was the work of the devil.

The lady explained that she is contemplating reporting the incident to her friend when they meet but his wife always comes between them and treats her nicely making it difficult for her to tell him.

She added that their marriage is just a year old and she knows very well her friend has never cheated on his wife but wonders why his wife would do such a thing to hurt him.

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