Gospel Singer Bless Sowah Readies Debute Single”Jump Around”

It is remarkable and exciting to observe the re-sprouting of the Ghanaian urban gospel industry. The versatility and creativity attached to the works of the artistes involved is just mind bugling.

The genre, which from onset was described by many as ungodly due to few tweaks in lyrics and rhythm, has without exaggeration, become one of the most accepted and listened to genres not only in Ghana but globally.


Interestingly, I am confident that Ghana and its entirety is yet to experience another storm with regards to pure talent and creativity in the urban gospel fraternity as I introduce Samuel Adjei Sowah, an award winning dancer and singer who domiciles in Switzerland.

His entry in this space will undoubtedly draw world attention as his dedication and professionalism in music is unmatched.

After many years of laying low as an entertainer, Samuel adjei Sowah, who now goes by the moniker Bless Sowah, is out with his maiden single and it is mind blowing.

In a detailed interview, the dancer and singer reminisced how he nearly fell prey to the devil and what this song means to his life and career.

“After winning the National Dance Championship in 1990 and 1995, I became addicted to drugs.


Whiles battling and seeking solutions to this canker of addiction, my mother walked to me one day and asked me to connect with God, else, I would not be able to enjoy life as I want.

I heeded her advice and, while on that task, I promised God if he could help deliver me from this shame, I will sing and shout to his glory. Thankfully, God fulfilled his part of the bargain and it is time to fulfill mine” he said.

jump around, the title for his latest joint sinks so well and tells the Musician’s ordeal not only in rhythm, but captivating lyrics that elevates.

Although not a boxed musician, this gospel tune aims at encouraging believers to praise and give thanks in whatever situation they find themselves. With a background as a dancer, Samuel Adjei Sowah A.K.A Bless Sowah with his producer, Oshogbo complemented the lyrics with a danceable and groovy rhythm, to complete the fun. It touches on relatable day to day issues and the importance of drawing close to God.

The song will be available on all digital platforms 7th April 2023

It is time to enter the house of God with our dancing shoes. Join me and let’s jump around.

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