Ghanaian-Dutch Sensation Nyarko Drops Energetic Anthem “Free My Mind”

Rising Ghanaian artist Praises Nyarko Asante Nyamekye stage name Nyarko has recently
dropped her latest single, “Free My Mind.” With its infectious beats and insightful lyrics, this
track showcases Nyarko’s unique blend of Ghanaian and Dutch influences, creating a vibrant
and distinctive Afro sound.

“Free My Mind” begins with captivating lyrics that exude confidence and determination, “See I
be dogging all the bogges that be coming my way cause I don’t want ’em. Mindset focused on
money, I need to stack ’em.” Nyarko’s dynamic flow and powerful delivery set the tone for the
empowering message she conveys throughout the song.


The chorus of “Free My Mind” emphasizes the importance of mental liberation, as Nyarko sings,
“My mind, I want to free my mind, I got to free my mind, I need to free my mind.” The song’s
energetic production and infectious melodies make it an anthem for breaking free from
limitations and embracing personal growth.


Nyarko’s rise in the Dutch urban music scene began in 2020 when a freestyle she shared on
Instagram went viral, garnering widespread attention. Since then, she has solidified her place in
the industry with successful singles such as “Bang!”, “You” and “MOOD,” along with her 7-track
EP titled ‘VIBES.’


Combining her Ghanaian roots with her Dutch upbringing, Nyarko’s music reflects a fusion of
cultures and languages, resulting in a vibrant and distinctive Afrofusion sound. Growing up in a
musical household, where her father was a skilled instrumentalist in guitar and piano, Nyarko’s
upbringing greatly influenced her musical journey.


Nyarko’s songs are celebrated for their catchy beats, insightful lyrics, and contagious energy,
establishing her as one of the most promising talents in the Dutch music scene today. She has
wowed audiences at major events such as Bevrijdingsfestival, Zomer Carnival, Parels v/d Stad,
and ADE Beats (Vice). Notable accomplishments include being chosen as FunX Radio’s Artist
of the Month, being a finalist in the FUNX Afro Talent competition, making waves in Ghana, and
making her acting debut in the black women empowerment movie “White Berry.”


Listen to “Free My Mind” on all platforms here. Connect With Nyarko on Instagram, TikTok,
YouTube and Listen to her on Spotify.

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