Dj Azonto Performs With Pampers In London At Ghana Music Awards UK

In a viral video circulating on from the just ended Ghana Music Awards UK, DJ Azonto was seen performing on stage wearing pampers.


The event, held on October 7th, 2023, at the prestigious Royal Regency, witnessed a night of unforgettable performances, but it was DJ Azonto who stole the show with his pampers attire.


The choice to wear pampers may seem bizarre at first glance, but according to DJ Azonto, his intention was to make a bold fashion statement.


The audience was initially taken aback by DJ Azonto’s unexpected outfit, but as his set progressed, it became evident that his performance was more than just a gimmick.

The music he played including his hit song “Fa No Fom” related well with the crowd and performance.


Netizens have come out to condemn his performance, whiles others are praising him for making such bold fashion appearance on stage.


Regardless of personal opinions, it was undeniable that DJ Azonto had succeeded in making a lasting impression on the audience.


The Ghana Music Awards UK is known for its celebration of Ghanaian music and artists, honoring their exceptional talent and contributions to the industry.

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