Biography: Gideon Asuako CEO Of Lymelyte Entertainment

Asuako Gideon  is a Ghanaian and American based business mogul who has lived and worked as an independent promoter in America for the past years ..

In the late 1990s he was one of the most significant promoters in the entertainment industry as one of the few people who promoted hilife and Ghana music in the United State.

The highlight of asuako Gideon career came in 200s when he introduced his main record label that is lymlyte entertainment an music management label which is aimed at recruiting and grooming talent for the industry..

Gideon asuako solidified his position as one of the greatest promoter in America who has worked with almost all the top stars in the world including latw Michael Jackson, Jay z, Beyoncé and most Jamaica stars.

Asuako Gideon has a story that needs to be told. The hope now is that the world is finally going to witness the change of the Game whiles the Lymelyte entertainment is geared to change the narrative of the world on african record label

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