Asake Explains Why He Chose Music Over Dance

Popular Nigerian singer, Ahmed Ololade, a.k.a Asake has stated that his decision to pursue music over dancing was driven by his financial aspirations.


Asake in his recent interview clarified that he opted for a music career as he was uncertain if dancing would yield the financial success he desired.

“The reason I left dance is for my love for money. I want to be very honest. Dance is something that I love. But I’m not sure dance can give me the kind of money I want.


“Even if you want to make it so gangster-like and there are so many people bumping, you still need to use the dancers. So, as they work together, I think for the love of money, I’d rather be singing,” he said.

When asked if he would pursue dancing if it brought significant success, the singer responded: “No, I would join music and dance together so I will have more money.”

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