Are You Leaving To Do Music? – Shasha Marley Asks David Ampofo

Veteran journalist,David Ampofo, has been spotted on his Alma Mater High School Band WhatsApp Platform, with a statement that has blown the mind of his Mentee Shasha Marley (Ghanaian International Reggae Icon).

David Ampofo is quoted as saying…

“Nothing Gives Me More Pleasure And Satisfaction than Singing” …
“True!.. Not Even Journalism”.

This Is a WhatsApp group platform that includes very senior grade career professionals who were once members of the Famous “Matthew Chapter 5” Student Band Of Saint John’s High School in Sekondi, which made great exploits in the Juvenile Live Dance Band era from the late 60s to the early 80s.

Shasha Marley’s question to his High School Band Mentor Is, “Senior, are you leaving your excelled career to get back to your roots by joining me to sing and tour around the world together?”.

David Ampofo who is widely recognised as a strategic communication guru, attended Saint John’s High School in Sekondi, the Capital of Ghana’s Western Region. During his time in school, he performed as the Lead Singer for the Matthew Chapter 5 Band and was widely known across the High Schools in Ghana with his smooth and synthetic silky high pitch voice. He sang reggae and romantic songs that made him win the hearts of many across the country.


David is currently the CEO Of Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber.


Source: Ekow Smith

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