All You Need To Know About Hip-hop Artiste IceKHID

Every day, a continuous stream of emerging talents is entering the music scene, both in Ghana and on a global scale, in pursuit of their success.

Allow me to present to you a promising new hip-hop artist who deserves your attention: IceKHId.

All You Need To Know About IceKHID

My real name is Isaac Clark Quaye. I come from Elmina in central region, Ghana but was born and bred in takoradi.

I go by the stage name IceKHID. Had the passion to start writing music since 2016 even though I had not been to a studio before. My first time of hitting the studio was on November 2019, where I was fully ready to recorded my first single. The experience as a first timer in the studio was actually good, there was ups and downs but pulled through. Have been recording songs from then but stopped early 2020 due to personal issues beyond my control and wish it to be private. I still had passion for music and I never stopped writing songs during that break.

Fast forward to 2022, when I started hitting the studio again to learn some basic skills like doing a song recording on my own.

I have worked with two sound Engineers since I started my music career (VybzneBeatz and FenderBeatz) who are all based in takoradi.


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