ABDEE Drops New Song “Superstar Lifestyle”

Asakaa Boys came into the limelight towards the end of 2020, and have been dropping banger after banger since then. The songs have been topping several charts and racking up millions of views collectively. The rap is charismatic, the visuals are captivating, and their swag is urban. Characterized by Twi lyrics, infectious hooks, and sinister beats, the allure, and appeal of both their art and their culture are overflowing.

The increasing popularity of Asakaa music in Ghana and beyond has led to the rise of new artistes in this genre. Among the musicians creating a name in the industry is ABDEE from Kumasi.

ABDEE’s songs have been trending in Ghana for sometime now, especially among the youth. This is because his songs are not new and is almost similar to the Kumerica drill style of music. Many young people finds his songs relatable because he mix local languages with a bit of English and that’s what he did on his latest song “Superstar Lifestyle”.

ABDEE has always held a dream of carving a career in music since infancy and has been building up his repertoire of performances ever since he started doing music.

ABDEE has always been passionate about music and entertainment in general, grooming and learning his craft as an independent musician. ABDEE has love for several genres of music and also looked up to some musicians as mentors adding to his success. Before dropping his new song Superstar Lifestyle, his song “Gye Wani” featuring O’Kenneth has been topping several charts across the country.


Enjoy his new song “Superstar Lifestyle” below.




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